Shark Week 2012!

I just love the month of August. August is filled with so many holidays it’s hard for me to pick my favorite one. Let’s do a little run down of August holidays shall we.

August 1. National Girlfriends Day & National Raspberry Cream Pie Day. Yummm….. Cream Pie.

August 2. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

August 3. National Grab Some Nuts Day. *Snicker*  AND National Watermelon Day.

August 4. U.S. Coast Guard Day.

August 5. Works Like a Dog Day. <— Lame. Dogs don’t have jobs.

August 6. National Root Beer Float Day & National Wiggle Your Toes Day.

August 7.  No holiday. Boooooooo!

August 8. National Dollar Day & National Zucchini Day.

August 9. Book lovers Day & National Polka Dot Day.

August 10. National Lazy day & S’mores Day.  (This might be my favorite August holiday but…….)

August 11. Play in the Sand Day & Presidential Joke day.

August 12th.   SHARK WEEK!

We have a winner ladies and gentlemen! Fuck the rest of August. Once Shark week begins, I am so very happy, and my shark phobia husband is in living hell. For those of you who know me personally, read my blog even though I haven’t been writing much, something I plan to change, or are maybe new to my blog, know that my husband “Poptart” and I have a pretty fantastic relationship. I live to torture him, and somehow he has the never-ending patience to put up with me torturing him. So enter shark week. There are only two things in this world that my husband really hates. One is clowns, two is sharks, three are cranberry sauce, and four are sweet potatoes. Okay, four, there are four things my husband can’t stand. But since I have a wonderful friend who has an almost (seriously needs to talk to a therapist) love of sharks. I have been drawn into her titillating (Yea, I said it) world of sharks and I couldn’t help but share my excitement. But who would be interested in Shark Week. My kid? Naaaaaa. My dogs? No. My husband? BINGO! And that my friends is how the tradition of shark week in my house began. For instead of actually watching Shark week on Discovery Channel, I like to bring Shark Week to life by hiding little shark presents for my husband to find. And while he is clearly exasperated at my antics, and completely dreading shark week, I am currently getting boxes from Amazon filled with shark goodies just for such an occasion.

But before we begin Shark Week 2012. I think it would be nice to revisit Shark week 2011.

First day of Shark week 2011.

Shark on Loufa.


Second Day of Shark Week 2011.

Coffee Shark

Third Day of Shark Week 2011.

Ice Shark.

Fourth Day of Shark Week 2011.

Good Dental Hygiene Shark.


Fifth Day of Shark week 2011.

Play Station Shark

Sixth Day of Shark Week 2011

Is that a shark on your pocket or are you happy to see me shark.

Seventh Day of Shark week 2011

Steering wheel shark.

I wasn’t able to capture the elusive steering wheel shark on film, because at this point Poptart was hot on my tail and shark attacks were getting increasingly difficult.

So now that we all know what’s in store for us this week. I’m looking at you Poptart, I am patiently counting down the days until the sharks first strike. And I am LOVING this. Da na Da na Da na da da da da da da da da da da da da da da……………


3 Responses to “Shark Week 2012!”

  1. oh crap…poor Poptart

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! I love it!

  3. pollyrebel Says:

    never mind the fear of god….. poptart has the fear of his wife. that is badass. BADASS!!!!!

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