Random Sunday – We just love our cats.

Sometimes things happen that inspire you. It may be a sunset. Or the act of a small child. It takes your heart and encourages you to do and say things you wouldn’t normally do or say. Three days ago it was a picture of my friends cat that did it. I can’t tell you what possessed me. Maybe it was the cat itself. Maybe it was the fact that the cat looked so comfortable lying there all happy and fluffy. But once I saw the cat I just couldn’t help but comment on its beauty. And that’s when the sillyness began.

Mrs D. -You have such a cute pussy. Oh and your cat’s cute too.

Christina – ****Blushing**** Why thank you. I get lots of complements on my pussy. The cat get compliments too but not as many.

Mrs D. – I can see it’s not a short hair pussy. I like long haired ones too.

Sheri – What do u think bout mine?

Christina – My pussy was recently shaved and remainshairless, the cat was shaved for sugery and is allowing her hair to grow back!
I would have to see it to tell you Sheri- do you have any pictures??

Christina – Just throw it up on the counter or spread out on the bed and take the picture! LOL

Here is a picture of Sheri’s cat


Mrs D. – Sheri, I like how yours will sit calmly in a chair and just stare to you.

Mrs D. – Mine died.

Mrs D. – It’s currently on the Rainbow Bridge.

Sheri – Yes…I posted one yesterday

Christina – ‎:( Sorry Stacy-Would you like a new pussy??

Mrs D. – But don’t be too sad. I have another one and it’s only 13 years old.

Mrs D. – See Sheri, I paid attention to your pussy too.

Christina – Oh very nice! 13 year old pussy is cool. Set in its ways yet tender and loving!

Sheri – Mines pretty old too.but now I have a younger better one.

Mrs D. – And de-clawed I might add. Just like yours.

Christina – Declawed is so much better. No marks left behind!

Mrs D. – My pussy was costing me a fortune in rental deposits. Everywhere I went it just kept tearing up the carpets. I tired squirting it with water, but nothing seemed to stop it!

Christina – It is law here to have your pussy spayed or neutured. Plus my pussy was keeping me up all night and not in a good way either!

Mrs D. – Was it rubbing itself up and down against the door jams? I remember my first pussy doing that. It’s really embarrassing. Especially if you have company. So I got mine fixed to.

Mrs D. – Are your pussy’s indoor or outdoor pussy’s?

Christina – Mine is strictly an indoor pussy. Mine still rubs up and down the door jams, but the cat has stopped doing that now LMFAO!

Mrs D. – HAHA!! This is possibly the best conversation EVER!

Christina – Is your pussy lazy?? I was playing with my pussy last night but we only played for a few minutes and then it was tired! I could have played with it for another hour or so.

Mrs D – Yea, mine just eats and sleeps.

Carl – I hope my friend Josh doesn’t see all this talk about pussies. He’s deathly allergic. Seriously. He gets anywhere near a pussy and he can hardly breathe.

Mrs D. – Carl, tell your friend it’s not actually the pussy he’s allergic to but its saliva. There is no magical cure for pussy allergies. However, there are ways to temporarily get over pussy allergies or at least reduce the symptoms caused by them. If you are allergic to your pussy, you must learn how to cope with your allergies if you want to keep your pussy.

Mrs D. – The best bet for your friend is to have him give his pussy a bath at least once a week.

Carl – Thanks, Stacy. I’ve also heard that you can have your pussy dipped and boarded to help with the odor. Is this something you recommend I have my friend do with his pussy?

Mrs D. – It sounds like your friends has a real problem. Has he considered getting a hairless pussy? I think they breed them in Brazil.

Christina – Now see my pussy does not have an odor it is self cleaning and smells fresh so i do not know why some of them smell and some of them dont

Mrs D. – The problem with mine was, it got so fat it could no longer self clean. That was near the time of death though. You’re pussy is young spry. You are one lucky lady.

Christina – I am very proud of my pussy and her upkeep!

Mrs D. -Where is Ron when you’re having a perfectly nice conversation about your cats?

Christina – He totally missed it! Never too late to chime in though.

Ron – What? I was online shopping for wine.

Christina – Ron, I forgive you but let me ask you, How is your pussy??

Ron – Cold and wet. You know it’s been raining. It likes the outdoors.

Christina – Ah so you have an outdoor pussy. Very nice!

Ron – Yeah. It does make it hard to keep clean and it does drag random things home once in a while, but it seems happy.

Ron – Gawd! What the hell did it get into this time!? Better spray it with some more patchouli.

Christina – Mine has a nip fetish!

Sheri – Mine likes to whore it up at night…it sometimes comes home all beat up…

Ron – Does your pussy just go crazy over fresh cream? Mine just twitches over it.

Christina – I don’t get why they hate the water. Craziness I tell ya!

Ron – Maybe because it gives them dry skin? Ironic, I know.

Mrs D. – Mine likes water. Actually if you squirt her she just looks at you and then licks it right off.

Ron – dork:)

Love it? Hate it? Let me know! Send questions, comments, brownie recipes or random brainfarts to: mrsdiagnosed@yahoo.com

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