What would happen if Serial Killers made friends on Facebook?

Welcome to another installment of Serial Killer’s on Facebook. For those of you just joining us, what we have here is a social experiment. We wanted to see what would happen if we took the identities of serial killers and put them on a social network such as Facebook. Most of us have had our serial killers chosen for us by the “What Serial Killer Are You?” application on the Facebook site itself. But for those of us who couldn’t get into the application, or took the quiz and scored one of the other serial killers already in the group, they got to pick who they wanted to be. Lucky bastards! So let’s start with a roll call.


Stacy – John Wayne Gasy. AKA Pogo The Clown.
Emily – Ted Bundy
Michelle – Ed Gein AKA Buffalo Bill
Chrisitna – Gary Ridgeway AKA The Green River Killer
Jeremy – Jeffrey Dahmer.
Ron – Charles Manson
Ryan – Mr. Herman Webster Mudgett. AKA Dr. Henry Howard Holmes
Larry – The Zodiac Killer
Jennifer – Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed

John Wayne Gacy – I’m super duper excited about Thanksgiving at Ed’s house! Ed, what can I bring? I make a wicked kidney bean, elbow macaroni salad. I can also bring some lady finger’s if you like. They are delicious this time of year.

Charles Manson – I’ll bring the grass, man.

Jeffrey Dahmer – Yeah Ed. Thanks for the invite, man. Can’t wait. In fact, I’ve been off the boards for so long because I’ve been hunting – er, shopping – for the holidays. I’m really excited, though. I’ve got a new recipe I’m dying to try out. It’s my own version of the Turducken.

Jeffrey Dahmer – But this year, let’s try and avoid the scene that we had at Charlie’s Thanksgiving dinner last year, huh? I guess we should have seen it coming: a room full of serial killers, so everybody wants to carve the turkey. I admit I got carried away, and Ted, I’m glad to hear that they were able to reattach your finger. I hear that you’ve almost got all the feeling back. Great news, pal. Again, mea culpa.

John Wayne Gacy – Can we rock, paper, knives for who gets to cut the turkey?

Ed Gein – I am also super duper excited, been working my fingers to the bones on furniture, dinnerware, and a new outfit for the festivities! I hope nobody minds that i’ve invited a few of the towns people to be our “GUESTS”. Can’t wait to try what… every “bodies” bringing. This should be quite a feast. Your tongues will be hanging out when you see what I have prepared for you all! Gary, you are so great at parties and I am not so used to all this kind of stuff, if you could please get me a guest list together, that would be great. Thank-you all and can’t wait until next week.

Ed Gein – ooops, I meant Gacy, not Gary, John could you please get me a list together? Pretty, oh so pretty, tired last night, lots of work to be done before next week, and so hard to find good parts these days!

I hope you enjoyed our little conversation and found it educational as well. We have been doing research on ourselves as well as on each other so we know what buttons to push, how to compliment one another, and for basic knowledge. Until next time, sleep tight.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know! Send questions, comments, brownie recipes or random brainfarts to: mrsdiagnosed@yahoo.com


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