Virgins Beware! Dulla’s coming for you!!!!!! Christmas Edition.

I know it’s not a Random Sunday, but hey it’s my blog so I can do what I want. Yesterday, I shared with you the wonderful talent of my good friend Danny. I just love Danny. He cracks me up. You just wait till free slurpee day at 7-11 and then he’ll show us some fun. I called Danny months ago and told him about my Random Sunday idea cause Psychotic Sundays were taking a nose dive. And fast. Not one to give up, I decided to switch up the format a little. I asked him to send me his link to his You Tube site. As always he was more than happy to help. Problem is, I can’t post his videos from his personal channel so I have to try and located them on You Tube itself. Now considering You Tube is a HUGE site this hasn’t always been an easy task. His video from yesterday was simply titled ‘Silent Night.’ So I typed in ‘Silent Night’ and guess what happened? 457,000 matches came up. Holy Shit!!! I thought to myself. Not being one to just say screw it and walk away, I sat down and searched, and searched, and searched. Obviously I found it. After two cups of decaf and one peanut butter, banana smoothie.  But I also found some other pretty funny  things as well. So I would like to dedicate this week to Christmas, and all those You Tubers out there who like Danny, enjoy a Silent Night.

Virgins Beware! Dulla’s coming for you!!!!!!

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