Psychotic Sunday’s RIP. – F*^k Me Ray Bradbury.

Being as Psychotic Sundays are somewhat of a bust because no one wants to write in. I’m afraid they are getting the axe. Yes, Mrs. Diagnosed is going to treat Psychotic Sunday’s like a really annoying boyfriend who eats your face when he kisses you, and just break up already.

BUT, I have been scanning the web and am still going to utilize the help of Madam DD, Miss Christina, and the ever so twisted Ron to keep you happy and entertained on Sunday’s. We thank you for bearing with us during this tough time and we know that your Sunday entertainment means a lot to you.

So without further delay, I would like to say fuck off Psychotic Sunday’s! And Welcome home Random Sunday’s.

So let’s bring this baby in with a little Fuck Me Ray Bradbury.

See you next Sunday!!!

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2 Responses to “Psychotic Sunday’s RIP. – F*^k Me Ray Bradbury.”

  1. THAT WAS AWESOME!! I want a glowing toothbrush!

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