The First Annual Mrs. Diagnosed Blog-Off Final Update.

The First Annual Mrs. Diagnosed Blog-Off is officially coming to a close. All 8 contestants have been posted and now it’s up to you the reader to decide the winner. If you haven’t had a chance to read all the blogs yet you still have time because you can vote up till Midnight Friday night your time. And don’t try and pull a fast one on me because I know where each and everyone of you live.

The contestants are as follows:

6/3 : A Car Buyer’s Guide to Marriage – Blog-Off Contestant # 1

6/4: Pretend like you’re sleeping! – Blog-Off Contestant # 2.

6/7: NO BONES ABOUT IT! – Blog-Off Contestant # 3

6/8: Limey Time. – Blog-Off Contestant # 4

6/9: The Devil’s in the DNA – Pony-Tailed Angst – Blog-Off Contestant # 5

6/10: Is this room all mine? – Blog-Off Contestant # 6

6/11: Background Check Bob – Blog-Off Contestant #7

6/14: Cow Tipping – Blog-Off Contestant # 8

For those of you who may not know what the prizes are, the first place winner will receive this awesome singing fish to place on their wall as a “Major Award.” Impress your friends and family with your big catch. * I have no idea why the fish is so dark. I have tried a number of times to lighten it up but it’s just not working.

Second place will win this t-shirt that I will have custom made to fit in all the right places to either show off your glorious boobs, or if your a man your hot moobs. Whichever the case may be. You can also change the wording if you like. As long as it doesn’t say Mrs. Diagnosed sucks cock, I think I’m open to pretty much anything.

And the third place prize is the much sought after ” I…am such…an asshole” coffee mug. I had no idea these things would be so damn popular. It is lime green and when you drink out of it all you can think is, ” Man, I’m glad to be alive and so damn sexy!”

You can vote at or my….oh just vote at It’s easier for me to track that way. Don’t worry I won’t send you any spam e-mail I’m not selling anything. Except my heart. I want you to have every piece of it. And if you don’t vote I will torture you for the next week about a guy who’s name is Matthew and makes fathers Day cakes.

Winners will be announced on Saturday June 18th and I will also contact you personally. Good luck everyone. I have enjoyed each and every blog. And I’m not just saying that.

Have a good one. I will be posting tomorrow even though my editor is sick with some mystery virus. That means you will have to suffer through my bad grammar. I, tend. to! put; punctuation” in the? oddest, places!!! Oh yea, and my spellings not so hot either.


One Response to “The First Annual Mrs. Diagnosed Blog-Off Final Update.”

  1. My favorite color is green and your glass green so cute.

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