Mrs. Diagnosed was not the original name of this blog. I wanted it to be “Debutaunt, because debutant balls are big here in some parts of Houston, and well, because I just like to make fun of things that I don’t understand. But seriously. What freakin year is this?. Is it still necessary to put these girls up on display for “suitable” (aka “rich”) bachelors? My kid is going to be lucky to get a used car on her 16th birthday. IF eligible bachelors are  lucky enough to make it past my husband cleaning his shot gun and my glass-melting stare, they may be lucky enough to get my kid’s phone number. But I digress

I had an idea in my head of what the site was going to look like, what my picture would look like, I had plans to make t-shirts. The whole thing was done as far as I was concerned. When I went to register my blog on, my heart broke. “That username is already taken.” WTF??? What bitch took my user name? How dare she? I even tried to look her up so I could put a face to the villain. No such luck.  Whoever had it, had not put up their site yet. Well this is just unacceptable!!!! There has got to be another way. Screw this, I’ll just buy the software and create my own dotdamned dot com. That way no one can stop me from using the name. But, I should probably google it to see if there is already a up and running. And there is. Foiled again!!!

Of course I log in. What could this woman have to say? Tell me this isn’t some stupid site trying to sell me stuff? If they took my perfect name and used it on a lame site I’ll justooooooh. Shit. is a site created by woman who was dying of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This is a beautiful woman who would write about her daily struggles and her fight for her life.  The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw this was, I… am… such… an… asshole. My search for another way officially ended. I no longer wanted It is a special site created by a courageous woman.

Deb died May 18, 2009, surrounded by family and friends. The last blog on was written by her sister. Deb, I never met you and I had never read your blog until this day but this site is special. May you rest in peace sweet princess. belongs to you my dear.

Now feeling depressed and confused I stared at the WordPress site. “Usernameusernameusername ” I DON’T KNOW!!! I put all my eggs in one basket and that basket belongs to someone else. Now what? All I could think was, I guess I’ll call Poptart. He always has good ideas.


10 Responses to “Debu-taunt”

  1. Do we still get t-shirts? How about a Mrsdiagnosed coffee mug? It could say “I… am… such… an… asshole” om it.

  2. Hey we do embroidery… How about Mrsdiagnosed embroidered on straight jackets????

  3. well, i just and to go to the website of the original name. The story was touching and scary. I have now made a choice to make sure my eternity is secured….Thank you for sharing her story!

  4. Big Bearian,
    Firt off, thank you so much for reading my blog. I actually grew up in Big Bear and it’s a place that is very close to my heart. I agree that Debutaunts site is very touching and scary. She was very brave to put her struggles out there for the world to see. She was obviously very loved and I’m glad that in some small way I was able to play a part in keeping her memory alive.
    Yours truly,
    Stacy aka Mrs. Diagnosed

    • Krista Peavy Says:

      Debutaunt, May you find the rest and peace you so richly deserve. Thank you for sharing the end of your life with all of us.

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